30 Day Inner Peace & Power Meditation Transformation Program

Simple 3 Step Process To Change Your Life In The Next 30 Days

What Others Are Saying:

“Thank you thank you thank you for your 30 meditation program. I have heard from countless leaders, successful people and books touting the benefits of meditation but it was rare that anyone would actually explain or describe what you do when you meditate. For me, as a person that was always DOING something, I didn't get the concept of meditation until this program.

Your guided meditations were just what I needed to understand how to meditate, why to meditate and the benefits of DAILY practice. Your voice has a very calming and soothing presence. I love that there was a different meditation each day that takes me through different thought processes and leads to a more peaceful, giving and caring mood throughout the day.

I highly recommend this 30 day guided meditation program!” - John

“Everyday I wake up to the gift of a new mediation and after listening to it first thing in the morning (and often more than once...) it really sets the tone for my day. I am able to operate from a space of calmness and awareness instead of reacting. I am able to observe things in my life rather than letting them consume me. I am amazed at how just ten minutes or so out of my morning can really change the course of my day for the better.” - Lisa

“As a busy entrepreneur I don’t have time, so it’s amazing that this program is 100% online. All I have to do is put my headphones on and practice my meditation anywhere and anytime. After a few days of starting the program, I found myself to feel more peaceful, where this feeling started to last throughout the day, and during the meditation I could feel my mind and body feeling the positive energy right away. After the daily meditation, throughout the day I was able to come up with more creative ideas and felt more clarity about making life and business decisions. The meditation program also helped me become more productive and most importantly less stressed. I highly recommend you to enroll in her meditation transformation.” - Ellen 

What's included?

30 Audios
Dragana Ognenovska
Dragana Ognenovska
Meditation Guide

About the instructor

A former professional tennis player, and finance professional who worked for a Fortune 500 company where she was a top performer year over year. Dragana has dedicated her life to working with high achievers all over the world helping them rekindle the fire within them through finding inner peace, living with clarity, connecting to their purpose, passion and confidence.

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